Weight Loss / Weight Management

Are you one of the many Americans that struggle to keep your weight down? With our hectic schedules, stressful lives, and lifestyles dependent upon convenience, it is very difficult to achieve an ideal body weight. Then, if we can accomplish this, it is even more difficult to maintain it. Especially as we approach mid-life!

We can help you achieve your goals for improved midlife healthcare by setting realistic goals and expectations for weight loss and then helping you to accomplish these goals. We can support you through the next step where you make realistic lifestyle changes for long-term success with weight maintenance.

We have some tools available to help you meet these challenges. They also might help you speed up the process and make long-term success a reality!

  1. Medication can be used for appropriate patients to help fight hunger during this process.
  2. Medication may be necessary to correct insulin resistance or hypothyroidism.
  3. Meal replacements (protein shakes, bars, etc.) can help speed up the weight loss process by providing the nutrition of foods with less calories than food! Also, they taste good!
  4. We have vitamin supplements available for patients if needed.
  5. We offer hormone replacement therapy which is helpful for many patients who are trying to lose weight but are struggling with changes in their energy and loss of muscle mass due to hormone decline.

Call to schedule a weight loss consultation and we can develop a midlife healthcare plan that is right for you.