Dermal Fillers

Throughout our lives we are continuously exposed to UV rays and other toxins that are traumatic to our skin. Also, the process of aging takes its toll and we lose subcutaneous fat. The facial muscles are working continuously and as we lose subcutaneous fat the facial muscles appear closer to the skin surface. The fine lines become more apparent, the skin appears loose, and the lips may thin and fade. Dermal fillers are products that add tissue volume under the skin surface. This helps improve the creases and folds that develop as the skin thins. Multiple dermal filler products are available. They differ in chemical make­up and have varying degrees of softness and longevity. Skin type and the location of the facial defects help determine which type of filler should be used. There are relatively few risks or side effects from dermal fillers. They can be placed easily and with minimal discomfort. Call us for a consultation. Find out if dermal fillers are right for you.